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Signs Your Car Battery Is about to Die

Car batteries rarely pick a convenient time to die. It could happen when you’re on your way to work or when you’re trying to leave work. The average battery is slated a car life of three to five years, but this lifespan can be altered depending on the usage of the vehicle. Regardless, there are some telltale triggers that your battery is about to die.

Internal Warning

Since most cars are computerized, the car itself is able to read important diagnostics concerning its overall health. One of these diagnostic checks is the life of the battery. When you see that warning light on a consistent basis, it is time to consider a battery change.

Slow Starts

When an engine hesitates in starting, this is a sure sign that a car’s battery is coming to an end. Whether it is because of age or additional drain on the battery from leaving lights on or other electrical issues, a drag in the startup means that the car battery is weakened and in need of a change.

Unusual Order

A battery can emit a strange odor when it there is something wrong with it. The strange smell is a certain gas that leaks when the battery experiences stress such as being exposed to extreme shifts in temperature.
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