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Easy Ways to Save on Towing Costs

Hooking a car for towing

Batteries fail, tires blow, and cars stall, often with little or even no warning. Not only are these situations taxing in terms of stress and time, but they're also consuming when it comes to finances.

With the cost of having your car towed in addition to the cost of repairs, you could easily be out hundreds of dollars. Did you know that there are ways to save on towing expenses? Learn some of the easy ways you can better control what you spend to have your vehicle towed.

Comparison Shopping

You've probably heard the saying that you should prepare for war in a time of peace; apply this philosophy to vehicle breakdowns. While you're stranded on the side of the road is not the time to start researching local towing options — this is a step you want to perform beforehand.

When you are in this desperate situation, you're more likely to rely on the first company you call, which may not be the most cost-friendly option. Drivers should always take the time to find a reliable towing company with reasonable rates before they need the company’s services.  

New Vehicle Warranty

If you own a new vehicle that is still under the original manufacturer warranty, you might have tow coverage and not even know it. Some large manufacturers, including General Motors, have roadside-assistance plans included in their warranty programs.

As part of this service, you can contact the program service department, and they will dispatch a towing company out to you and tow your vehicle to the nearest dealer without any cost to you.

However, remember some stipulations exist. For some of these plans, they will only tow the vehicle if the reason for the tow is related to a warranty-covered problem, so a flat tire might not qualify.

Premium Auto Insurance Plan

Cost is important to any person paying for auto insurance, but total protection should be of dual importance. When choosing a coverage plan, try to avoid the bare-bone plans. These low-level policies might not cover the total cost of any damage or injuries and often don't come with extra features like roadside assistance.

Most mid-level and higher-end plans come with built-in roadside assistance that you can rely on for your towing needs and other vehicle-related concerns. Some insurance companies include this in their plans automatically, and some require you to pay a small extra fee or opt in for this service. Review your policy or contact your provider to see if you have this option.

Auto Club Membership

The ultimate in driver protection is an auto club membership. Auto club memberships are fee-based services that allow members to buy into services by choosing a package. The package level you have determines the level of coverage you have.

For instance, a base-level plan might cover a free tow within a 10-mile radius, but other plans provide free towing for up 200 miles. Even more importantly, these membership plans don't come with the same restrictions as warranty plans in that towing is only covered for certain types of breakdowns.

Auto club memberships also offer discounts for other services including travel and dining rewards.

In the event of a vehicle breakdown or other emergency, getting your car safely to a repair shop is always the goal, and when you take advantage of these tips, you can meet this goal at little to no cost.

The next time you find yourself dealing with a roadside mishap, keep Hix Wrecker Service in mind. Not only do we offer reliable service, but also we are happy to partner with these services to help you save.